The Green Folder

Have it All

About the Package

The goal for a Green Folder Package is to have your entire trip lined out for you, including:

  • A basic itinerary of dates
  • Departure times of all flights, buses, or trains to help make sure you don’t show up late (or the wrong day)
  • All of the tickets you need
  • Your reserved lodging with directions to and from it to your next stop
  • Any other day trips or add-ons you might have

When building your Green Folder, we want to discover what type of trip you are looking for AND do all the prep work for you. That way, all you have to remember is to take your Green Folder, grab your passport, and take off on your adventure.

The Story Behind the Name

Shortly after we got married was the perfect time for an extended honeymoon trip to Europe. We had the time off for it, but also the time beforehand to do the necessary work to get every aspect of the trip together. What airline would we fly? What countries would we visit, and where would we stay in them? How did we want to travel between our destinations? Oh yeah, we should also probably figure out how to actually GET to our buses, trains, flights and accommodations. And that was just the logistics of getting there, not what we actually wanted to do once we arrived.

It was going to be our honeymoon, and we didn’t want to have to be stressing about all of those details. So we did some work beforehand, lining up all our needed tickets, reservations, and itineraries while also throwing together some maps of how would actually get to where we wanted to go. Everything was printed off and tucked away in a green folder we had handy. And the name stuck.