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How We Can Help

There’s a lot of the world to see, and not a lot of money to see it all with. When we see it, we want to experience how the locals live. We want to stumble upon hole in the wall restaurants that become our new favorites. We want to explore side streets and destinations that may never make it to the top ten most traveled list, but probably should. And we want this for you, too; at affordable rates that fit right into your budget.

TRAVELSMITH was founded under the belief that international travel is possible for anyone. Here’s how we can help craft your next adventure:

Trans-Oceanic Flights

Flights are the greatest expense of any international adventure. We’ll let you know how you can get the cheapest airfare and monitor prices for you.


With so many options, it can be difficult to know what’s the best one for your budget, in the right location, with all the amenities you need. We’ll take the guesswork out for you by narrowing down the best choices out there.

City Logistics

Have you ever shown up in a new location and you realize you can’t understand the subway maps? With city logistics, we provide public transportation information, walking directions, and so much more.

Secondary Transportation

Want to hit up more than one country in a single trip? We’ll plan out how to get you from there to – well, the other there. Planes, trains, buses, and even ferrys are all options to help you see more for less.

Day Trips

Sometimes you want to check out that touristy stuff – hey, it’s popular for a reason – but you may not want to be there for the length of your trip. Day trips are fantastic for getting in the sights without staying among the crowds.

The Green Folder Package

Have your entire trip planned for you at an affordable rate, which includes all of the services mentioned above. This is a preferred option for honeymooners and professionals with limited time on their hands.