How We Do It

From Here to There

Maybe you’re nervous because you haven’t traveled internationally before. Maybe you’re too busy adulting to give your next adventure the time and thought it needs. Maybe planning and logistics just aren’t your thing. That’s where TRAVELSMITH comes in with case-by-case travel advising, no matter where you want to go or how much you have to spend.

The Green Folder

The culmination of all we have to offer (okay, that might be a bit much), the goal of the Green Folder is to provide you a personalized itinerary including tickets, lodging, and logistical prep for your entire trip. All you have to remember is to bring your passport, credit card, and your Green Folder. And maybe a change of clothes.

Travel Planning

You may be a pro at booking flights but need a little extra help getting around a foreign city. That’s where we come in. While the Green Folder offers it all, travel planning allows you to pick and choose the services we help you with. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you by providing you with anything from your ideal lodging options in London to the best budget secondary transportation for the duration of your trip. We’ll provide you with the links to everything so all you need to do it book it and go.

Travel Advising

Just looking for recommendations based on time of year, location, budget, or what you want to do? With travel advising, we can provide you with advice on where you should go, when you should go, where to stay or the excursions you should take – all based on your personal budget and interests. We can advise on just about anything, giving you a starting point so you can do it yourself – all with the insider’s scoop.

Whatever your adventure needs, we’re here to make it happen. Craft your adventure with us today.